August 14, 2018

Fun Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Fun Wedding Ideas For Your Jacksonville Wedding | Fun Wedding Ideas For Your St Augustine Wedding

Planning a wedding means making lots and lots of big decisions! Which wedding venue will you choose? What will your wedding budget be? How many guests can I invite?

But we know what you really care about! Having fun! You want your guests leaving your wedding saying it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! Which is why we believe that every wedding should incorporate some fun and unique ideas for your guests to engage in.

We’ve compiled our 5 top fun ideas to help you and your guests enjoy every second of your wedding celebration.

Think Outside the Box

You’ll find lots and lots of “dos” for your wedding. The perfect card box, guest book, and how to select the perfect DJ. There’s lots of best practices for wedding planning out there but in order to maximize the fun for your guests, you’ll want to use the best thing you have… your own mind!

Do flower girls really have to be little? Does your wedding party have to separate by male and female? Do all of your shoes and jewelry really have to match? Do your guests have to sit in rows?

The answer? Nope! Absolutely not! Thinking completely out of the box will help you to create an event that people will actually have fun attending!

Plan Something Interactive

I bet you’ve attended a wedding where you were the last table to be released to the buffet. Or maybe dancing just isn’t going to get all the guests out of their seat! Planning something interactive for your guests allows them to stay engaged with your event… even while waiting for their sundried tomatoes cream sauce chicken.

Consider things that involve their hands and minds like a collective art project you can hang in your future home. Photo booths are a great way to get guest out of their seats, having fun, and mingling with each other.

If you’re a tech friendly couple, you might even consider using technology to interact with your guests. Consider creating live feed technology that can be viewed on a screen in the reception space. As guests interact and share images that whole room can enjoy seeing the event in real time. This is a lot easier than you think. Ask us about it!

Have a Party Mindset

The most amazing and enjoyable weddings start with you! Yes! That’s right! Your guests will feel free to relax and enjoy themselves when you are!

This means that whatever you’d like to see your guests doing… you should do it too and first! So come to your wedding with a party mindset. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the minutes as they slip by. Get out on the dance floor and dance! Your guests will follow suit! Encourage your wedding day tribe to get in on the fun too. By asking your wedding party, family, and closest friends to come with a party mindset they can help you keep it lively and engaging.

Remember, you set the mood and the vibe of your event simply by how you behave! So enjoy yourself! Let our team feel out the space to elevate the vibe you’re already bringing.

Light ‘Em Up

Fall out Boy gets this right every single time! There is nothing more affordable, enjoyable, and scenic than adding special event lighting to your wedding celebration. From glow sticks, uplights, or movie lighting it’s an easy and transformative way to add a totally unique element to your event.

When selecting your lighting preferences consider where you’d like to place the most emphasis, what colors will match the overall schematic of your event, as well as how you’ll involve your guests in the lighting experience.

Lighting can add a totally unique and interactive experience to every wedding! Even a little bit of light can have a major impact! Ask us how!

Play A Game

Get a little nostalgic or a little competitive and add some gaming fun to your wedding reception. You can add some fun and games to your wedding in a wide variety of ways. We love interacting with your guests through a game of trivia. Or playing games with the couple. Everyone will enjoy laughing alongside of you during a shared game.

You can also add gaming to other elements of your wedding celebration. Print a crossword or word search puzzle on your cocktail napkins. Add a seek and find with elements in your design. Think interactive by incorporating networking or dinner talk games into your table design and stationery.

Everyone loves a challenge and adding gaming will make your event memorable and a whole lot of fun!

We know bringing the fun is part of our job as your wedding day entertainment. But when you set the stage for fun to be at the center of your event your entertainment team can take the event to the next level!

So throw away that box, embrace the party, and get ready to light ‘em up! We’ll see you right there on the dance floor!

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