September 11, 2018

The Y? Entertainment Philosophy

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Here at Y? Entertainment we have a few things that we care deeply about. Let’s call it our philosophy. You may not believe it but we’ve spent countless hours understanding the psychology of entertainment and we want to share this with you.

You’ve already done a lot of searching, scrolling, and review reading! I bet you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices.

You don’t have time to call every DJ you think looks cool! *Even though we think we’re pretty cool!

Understanding the philosophy behind a business will help to make the selection process easy, authentic, and so much faster!

So what makes us different from other DJ’s?

Why should you choose Y? Entertainment for your upcoming event?

Because we believe in the following things:


We love having fun!

Our couples love us because we know how to have fun! And even better… we know how to help your guests have fun too!

But we take having fun very seriously… and professionally! You’ll see our team with big smiles and a little groove enjoying your event alongside of you!

Even though we’re going to have fun with you we also remember one very important thing. This party is all about you!

We put your fun first!

Which is another reason why we’re the right DJ for you!

We ALWAYS Make it About You!

That’s right! If you’re looking for a great wedding DJ you want to be sure that they care more about you and your happiness than how cool they look.

We’ve seen our fair share of egos when it comes to DJs! Some people like their microphones a little bit too much!

They “own” the microphone is the complete opposite of what we believe!

As a matter of fact. We do everything we can to keep the event moving along nicely with as few interruptions as possible.

Everything we say and do is about supporting you and bringing your version of entertainment to life.

It’s always about you! Every time and the whole time!

We Want You To Feel Safe

When you’re selecting your DJ from a huge list of people you don’t know, it’s hard to decipher who is going to make you feel comfortable, heard, and cared about.

That’s why we put your safety at the core of our business.

This means you can share your music styles without wondering if we’re going to judge you!

You can also tell us all about the unique or different thing you’re planning and expect our support!

Your safety also means that your contract means something to us! We promised to show up, be there on time, and act professionally! We take that seriously.

Safety means that you know you’ve made a wise investment and we’re going to follow through with our promise!

And lastly… but most importantly…

We’ve Studied This

We’re not kidding. Human Behavior as it relates to Entertainment is what we geek out on.

We know what makes people get out on the dance floor.

We know how to casually converse and engage guests who are still at their tables.

We’ve studied how to seamlessly integrate party music with the classic slow dance.

It’s an art! But it’s also a science. One we know all about!

When you ask us what we believe in, we’ll explain to you how we engage with your guests on and off the dance floor. We know our job doesn’t begin and end with music.

When you ask us who we serve, we’ll share with you the stories of the families we’ve worked with and the music that inspired them.

When you ask us what challenges we’ve faced, we’ll tell you about unique guest encounters, bad fitting requests, and graceful guest management.

Because being an awesome DJ isn’t really about playing music.

It’s about being keenly aware of the guests’ behaviors, the entire vibe of your event, and matching the entertainment to your story and the overall flow of the event.

That’s how we’re different.

That’s why you can trust us!

That’s why choosing Y? Entertainment will never leave you asking yourself Y?

Learn more about us by sending us an email! CLICK HERE! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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