August 28, 2018

Why Do Wedding Vendors Cost So Much?

Why Do Wedding Vendors Cost So Much? | Y? Entertainment | Y? Entertainment DJs | Jacksonville DJ | Jacksonville Wedding | Jacksonville Wedding DJ | Saint Augustine DJ | St Augustine Wedding DJ | Saint Augustine Wedding | St Augustine Wedding | St Aug Wedding | Destination Wedding | Wedding DJ | Wedding EntertainmentLike everything else you’ve encountered during your wedding planning process, selecting a great wedding DJ or any wedding professional seems to a little more expensive than you originally expected.

Is it this “wedding tax” everyone keeps talking about? Why can some DJ’s in facebook groups charge only $500 when others are twice or three times that!? Don’t DJ’s just set up their equipment and play music for 4-5 hours? Why does it cost that much to hire a really great wedding DJ?

We understand! That’s why we’re going to help you understand exactly why a professional DJ and other wedding businesses cost so much! Hold on tight… because we’re about to give you a glimpse behind the curtain of the industry that you won’t find anywhere else!

Let’s start by talking about Target. I bet you’ve spent a little bit of time there recently. Target and big box stores like it have one major advantage. Quantity. They can offer lower prices because they have multiple locations and thousands of buyers. That’s just not an option with businesses in the wedding industry.

There’s a few things you need to know about the business of weddings before making your judgement.

High Touch Customer Service

This is it for you! The event you’ve been low key planning your entire life! Today’s wedding means that couples are making an endless number of decisions, allocating a budget from multiple donors, and gathering the opinions of everyone who has one. It’s hard for you!

The emotional energy you place into every decision you make for your wedding reflects on how we care for you! This means there’s more time responding to questions or changes. We learn more about your desires and expectations. We anticipate your needs more.

You’re also working on a limited amount of time. You can’t just hear from us later. You expect a high quality response… and we prepare to give that to you.

This means an incredible amount of hours are spent in the office before ever showing up for your wedding celebration. Our work starts the second you find us and we invest hundreds of hours into every wedding we take on.


Unlike Target who knows that the next time you need office supplies you’ll be back to pick up your favorite brand, wedding businesses don’t have the luxury of customers who return to them over and over.

If everything goes as planned we won’t see you for another wedding! We might help your sister or your best friend but it doesn’t work the same as Target or pretty much any other business.

Traditional businesses count on you coming back to them again and again. They can change their pricing to reflect how much you’ll buy from them for the rest of your life.

We can’t do that. Because as much as we love you… we don’t want to see you over and over again!

Limited Capacity

Most wedding businesses have a small team or are owner run. Even if they look big online there’s still a fair amount of owner run operations happening behind the scenes.

We don’t have the same number of employees or high level management that Target might have.

This means that there’s a limited capacity for how many hours the business can operate. A limited number of weddings that can be served and therefore a limited amount of money that a business can earn.

Target will keep making money as long it has great employees and full shelves. Wedding businesses simply can’t do that. We don’t fill every single day of every single weekend. It just doesn’t happen.

Wedding Seasons

Remember that wedding venue you wanted that was booked two years in advance for the date you wanted? Well, welcome to the seasonal wedding industry. You want a beautiful and cool October wedding and so does everyone else!

This means that in cold places, months like January see very few weddings, while hot places, like Florida, see very few July weddings. Seasonal work contributes to the limited capacity and singularity discussed above as well as providing many months of no work for wedding professionals.

Business Costs

Every wedding professional you hire will have some sort of costs for simply being a business. While we have seasonal events and massive amounts of high touch customer service, we have very similar operating costs to other small businesses.

Equipment, Insurance, Taxes, Licensing, Software, Office Space, Product, are just some of the expenses that face professional wedding businesses. The cost of doing business for wedding professionals is the same or similar to other small businesses with less repeat clients, more customization, and all within very specific wedding seasons.

While we could go on and on… we didn’t mention paying our staff, business development costs, new products, or paying a living wage to ourselves… this will give you a core understanding of why the products and services provided to you from wedding professionals seem so much more expensive than your gym membership, your lawn service, the birthday party your sister planned, or the Target run last week.

Would you select a surgeon who was selling his surgical skills for 90% off the price they bill to your insurance?

Would you hire a contractor who showed up with old equipment or his work wasn’t insured?

Would you be happy if the high level health coach you’ve hired ignores your wedding stress eating emails?

We don’t think so! Neither would we!

That’s why true professional wedding vendors have rates similar to doctors, lawyers, and field specialists. Because they truly are a speciality!

So, how do you get the wedding you want with your available budget?

You prioritize!

Constantly remind yourself of what’s most important to you! Is it entertainment? Is it flowers? It it having a room full of people? Is it your location?

Understanding how to let the things that are not as important to you go will be your path to easy budgeting and decision success while honoring the hard work of the professional businesses you’re selecting!

There is no such thing as the “wedding tax”! But there is such a thing as high quality services provided for once in a lifetime events.

That’s why a great Wedding DJ costs so much!

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