About Us

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the cheesy DJs or bedroom iPod amateurs who try to deliver a one-of-a-kind vision but then end up falling woefully short. No longer do you have to wonder, stress or settle for passé entertainment.

At Y? Entertainment, your vision is taken to the next level with creativity, passion, and a unique set of talents that will have your guests lavishing you with comment after comment about how incredible the entertainment was. You will leave the event saying, “Y? Entertainment really made our party.” You’re looking to create the wow factor that results in the “oohs and aahs” from your guests, we can help. We take great care to program the musical soundtrack that best represents who you are and keeps you and your guests singing along, dancing the night away.  Plus, we have a ton of enhancement options to truly set your event apart

Behind the Scenes

Y? Entertainment is a full-time Mobile Entertainment Company with an Event Staff available 7 days a week. Our office support staff is available Monday – Friday to assist you and your event needs. We value Customer Loyalty and make it a priority to give you the royal treatment from your initial phone call to our quality control follow up after your event is an Amazing Success


You Are Busy
You can communicate with your DJ on your time.  If they are not available, we will help you from the office.  You can chat with us on via FaceTime (Skype), text, call or e-mail

You Are Nervous
Our customized Misc Request & Planning App will take away any worries you have and walk you through the planning process. We’ve designed it for you to provide as much (or as little) input you would like to about the soundtrack and atmosphere of your event

You Want Everything To Go Perfect
We do too!  We have back-up equipment, back up staff and back-up everything! You will be able to relax, be carefree and enjoy your special day. We’ve got you covered

It’s A Big Investment
We’ve also invested, and continue to, inmaking sure what we offer is competitive and affordable.  We offer all-inclusive, one-stop shop entertainment solution or you can select off an a-la-carte menu to fit and maximize your budget and vision for your event


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